Contrast VR

Forced to Flee

A Cinematic 360 Documentary
A film by Contrast VR and Amnesty International

filmed on Location in Kutupalong Refugee Camp
in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh

A man forced to bury his son after watching Myanmar’s military kill him.

A woman who was gang-raped by soldiers.

Another woman who had her family murdered and house burnt down.

These are only three of the Rohingya refugees who share their harrowing stories in this hard-hitting new virtual reality documentary.

Forced to Flee, launched jointly by Contrast VR and Amnesty International was shot in late October 2017 in a camp in Bangladesh that is now home to more than 620,000 Rohingya refugees who fled ethnic cleansing in neighbouring Myanmar’s Rakhine State since late August.

In the immersive film, Rohingya women and men recount the horrors of fleeing systematic and widespread violations and urge the world to secure their basic rights.

In addition to testimonies of Rohingya survivors, Forced to Flee features Amnesty International’s satellite imagery analysis of village burning s as well as original drone footage showing the immense scale of Kutupalong camp.

The film was released on December 12, 2017, the same day the UN Security Council in New York met to discuss the situation of the Rohingya, and a week after the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva adopted a resolution condemning abuses against them and Myanmar’s other minorities.

Director, Executive Producer

Zahra Rasool is the Editorial Lead for Contrast VR Al Jazeera’s new immersive media studio where she focuses on the production of compelling 360-degree video, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) content.

Producer, Camera

Viktorija Mickute is a Contrast VR producer with a documentary filmmaking background. She is driven by innovative storytelling and has covered many international crises, such as the 2016 Brussels terror attacks, Syrian refugees in Turkey and African migrants in Italy.

VR Post Production, Sound and Color

Maria Fernanda Lauret is a storyteller, and everything that it entails. An editor, camera woman, creative thinker and responsible to create immersive virtual reality documentaries and social 360° videos.


Tyson Sadler


Vicki Hansen has over 20 years experience in composing music for Film, TV, Theatre, Circus and Dance. To date she has composed ​a wide range of ​​styles for ​over 500 documentaries​, ​feature-length dramas, short films, advertisements and more for major international television networks,​ production houses and film studios​.

Post Production Assistance

Sebastien Billard Arbelaez


Saharin Priya Shaoun

Production Assistance

Nurul Haque

Special Thanks

Tirana Hassan
Conor Fortune

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