About contrast immersive studio

Contrast is Al Jazeera’s Immersive Storytelling Studio

We explore the underreported diverse stories from the global south.

Contrast produces unique and immersive content that push the boundaries of narrative storytelling while transporting viewers to the people and cultures hit hardest by inequality and conflict. Our mission is to highlight underreported stories and utilise emerging technologies to create work that is both authentic and conscious.


Zahra Rasool
Editorial Lead

maria fernanda

Maria Fernanda Lauret
VR Post Production

viktorija mickute

Viktorija Mickute

Joi lee.JPG

Joi Lee

Elia Ghorbiah

Elia Ghorbiah

sebastian billard arbelaez

Sebastien Billard Arbelaez
Operational Coordinator

maryam kazeem

Maryam Kazeem


The Contrast App

Al Jazeera Contrast is the our first app, launched and available on Oculus Go and Samsung Gear VR. We group content into thematic, in-depth experiences – rather than a string of one-off VR pieces — so our audiences can fully grasp an issue!

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