The Disappearing Oasis

Produced by Contrast VR and supported by EFI, The Disappearing Oasis take you to the frontlines between a Moroccan oasis and the encroaching Sahara to explore the effects of desertification.


Yemen’s Skies of Terror

As Yemen enters its fourth year of war, we see how the Saudi-led coalition’s 16,600+ air raids have impacted the lives of three young Yemenis who live in constant fear of the skies.

forced to flee

Forced to flee

An immersive virtual reality documentary, hear the hard hitting testimonies of three Rohingya refugees who fled persecution in Myanmar.

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A decade after Shell’s oil spill, Lessi Phillips returns to her village to show both the environmental devastation and the youth who provide her community with a sense of hope.  


i am rohingya

Watch an account of how Jamalida, a Rohingya refugee, fled the violence in Myanmar in immersive animation.

Dreaming in zaatari

Dreaming in Za’atari

In Jordan’s Za’atari refugee camp, explore three Syrian teenagers’ hopes and dreams for the future through VR animations that transform the spaces around them.


Just Food: Coping with the Crisis

“Our main problem is food and nothing is more important than that.”